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Leaders in Healthcare such as Joe Dispenza; Paul Druin, Patrick Porter, Clint Ober and Robin Lambrecht appear in this Miracle’s addition. Learn what Miracles are and how you too can experience your own Miracles.

Welcome to “Wake Up: Miracles of Healing From Around the World” [2020], contributing authors: Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Paul Drouin, Dr. John W. Brimhall, Dr. Patrick K. Porter, Mariel Hemingway, Dr. Evelina V. Sodt, D. Bryan Ferre, Dr.Robin J. Lambrecht , Dr. M. Teri Daunter, Linda Seagraves, Dr. Jim Hayes, Dr. Vienna Lafrenz, Dr. Manja H. Podratz, Dr. Jeffrey Benton, Pat Ziemer, Dr. Jared Leon,Dr. Jyun Shimizu,  Dr. Steve Small, Clinton Ober, Darla Boone, Heather Gunn, Cari Rosno, Dr. Dennis Permann, Dr. Katinka van der Merwe, Dr. Carla Burns, Dr. Stefan Rau, Detlef (Joe) Friede, Eike Jordan, Anita Lawrence, Dr. Annette Landman, Leah Roling, Jamie Cabaccang, Diane McKee, Dr. Sandy Roga, Ed Strachar, Rhonda Grillo, Dr. Dennis Harper, Dr. James Huang, Brad Axelrad, Debbie Orr, Lisa Marie Crawford.

If you are reading this book, it is meant to be. Essentially, this is a practical workbook about how these authors from around the world have encountered miracles that have altered the course of their lives and those of their patients. We believe this book will provide a comprehensive insight into how miracles are accessible to anyone. In fact, I guarantee that there is literally something for everyone, from stories rooted in unexpected joy, overcoming obstacles and tragedy, and finding the silver linings to share with readers.

Each author, at the end of his or her story, has a personal biography with contact information. We encourage you to take full advantage of this opportunity to reach out to any author of your choice for further information and personal coaching. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow authors for the excellent work they perform all over the world. It is genuinely awe-inspiring to see the writing of so many dynamic individuals gathered in one place to share their unique messages, secrets, and stories. While you read this book, keep in mind that you also have the capacity within yourself to achieve resilience by being open to all possibilities!

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